LCO’s Book recommendation

Here at LCO, we love to read books. Although books on subjects like ReactJS, Tensorflow is a challenge to recommend. Simply because tech updates too fast. But some books are every green and we openly recommend them.

Introduction To Algorithms

By Thomas H. Cormen (+3). This is a must have book for DSA. Little tough for beginners but worth it.

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Cracking The Coding Interview

Personally read it, cracked it and now recommending it. Can take more than 6 months to finish.

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Clean Code

Good book. Little longer to read and could be shrinked a little. Get kindle version as lots of fakes in market.

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Cryptography & Network Security

Read it during Engineering and loved it. Every software developer should read this book end to end.

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Node JS Design Patterns

A very clean book and helped me in shipping clean software to clients. It's a new guide for system design.

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Database Design Solutions

Just get it, read it in chunks and you will find gold everyday. This book needs time to fully grasp.

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Non Tech Books

Who Moved My Cheese?

If you want to read just 1 book, I would easily recommend this one.

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Bad Blood

Very interesting one. Watch out, you might not be able to put it down.

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Why We Sleep

Picked it up in 2020 and changed my routine after reading.

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Atomic Habits

Picked it up at an Airport and it turns out to be a great book. Pick a paperback, worth it. Don't just read, apply too!

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World History

A very odd recommendation but I loved it and this may give you some travel inspiration

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